When you decide to partner with MIS Technology Group, you can be confident that you receive a one-stop solution to cover all of your business technology needs. We focus on proactive IT services that seamlessly integrate with your network and hardware architecture. From IT consulting and support to cloud hosting, network infrastructure design and data center solutions – our skillful team assists clients with the implementation of the right technology solutions to their business needs. Our customers are guaranteed complete peace of mind in knowing their most valuable data and resources are in the hands of experienced professionals who provide diagnostics, maintenance and upgrade services to serve businesses without interruption.

Cisco Wireless

At MIS we have an extremely talented team who have years of experience in planning, designing, and implementing on-site enterprise level networks.  We understand the importance of network architecture – the lifeline of your organization – and can handle all hardware and software maintenance, networking, access control, security and upgrades to guarantee uninterrupted access of your company data. Our team of certified experts has hands-on experience with all levels of networks – LAN, multiple location WANs, VPNs, as well as outdoor wireless mesh implementations. We specialize in the design and implementation of wireless networks that support the needs of any business.

We save companies time and money by providing a secure, reliable and hassle-free alternative to on-site administration with 24/7 IT Support that addresses all network related issues in real time. All of our experts are Cisco-certified and have a proven track record of resolving hardware failures, software configuration problems, or user errors.

Cisco Routing & Switching

We’ve installed hundreds of servers for businesses of all sizes and have the experience and expertise to develop the optimal network setup for your company. Our skilled team supports with M SQL and Exchange servers and provides virtual networking and shared data storage via Microsoft’s Hyper-View technology to avoid costly disruptions and minimise expenses associated with monitoring, managing and upgrading hardware. Our server solutions are fully scalable to ensure optimal utilization and functioning of network resources, which translates to process optimization, reduction of downtime and improved business continuity.

A Novell Gold partner – MIS Technology group specialises in the enterprise-level system GroupWise that works well for both medium and large hardware capacities. We work with all versions of Novell NetWare, GroupWise, and ZENworks to maintain complex network systems and support the technology needs of all companies with unmatched reliability and performance.


Cisco Systems CallManager Express is a powerful, versatile and affordable VoIP system and service that utilizes a company’s existing data connection and wiring for a full communication package. Every business is different, so MIS Technology Group will help you choose the best hardware and features for your company and assist with installation and setup. We specialize in modern systems that are feature-rich, user-friendly and fully scalable to make the most of your resources.

Our experienced staff will ensure your telecommunication needs are met with the installation of the most up-to-date and reliable VOIP system you need to boost productivity. We will assess your current network capabilities and offer a single point of contact solution to meet business requirements and exceed expectations.

HP Products

MIS Technology Group believes that solid network architecture is the key to your business success. We specialize in the design and engineering of both wired and wireless network infrastructure to support varied technology needs. Our skilled team has deployed and maintained hundreds of standard tower and rack mounted servers as well as blade systems.


We offer an ample range of network engineering and design solutions that allow fast allocation of server resources as well as increased availability of mission critical hardware. The products we use protect vital business data and develop the optimal infrastructure setup for companies of all sizes.