MIS Technology focuses on providing a comprehensive one-stop solution to meet all your business IT needs

Desktop Services

Companies of all sizes benefit from our fast, reliable and affordable desktop services that target key areas in your IT infrastructure to ensure all processes run smoothly and without disruption. We save you time and money with efficient and professional remote application and user support, regular statistical analysis and reports, virtualization solutions and remote system upgrades and updates. Whatever your industry of operation, we guarantee a detailed and knowledgeable service for your core day-to-day processes for optimized productivity and workflow.

Our team of experts are available 24/7 to address all issues with servers, mobile devices and business applications, so you never have to miss a deadline ever again! We have a proven track record of resolving all network, user and program-related problems quickly and efficiently.

Infrastructure Design and Support

Your network carries the load of your day-to-day business activities and is a vital part of your IT architecture. Our dedicated team consists of Cisco-certified professionals who can remotely analyze, configure and troubleshoot any installed distributions, OS systems and applications. If necessary, we can also dispatch an on-site team for hardware-related issues. You will never again experience any disruptions to your daily business activities with our targeted, thorough and knowledgeable approach.

With extensive experience in network setup and optimization, we can customize all solutions to your needs and budget. Regardless of the cause – all network-related issues are diagnosed and resolved in record time, so your company lifeline always remains up and running.

Server Support

We know just how important your company data is to your business and strive to deliver infrastructure of unprecedented reliability and performance. We’ve installed servers for companies of all sizes and have the experience and knowledge to develop the optimal IT architecture for your large or small office. Business owners have complete peace of mind that their data is protected and safely-stored as well as subject to regular maintenance and upgrades.

MIS Technology Group provides the technology and service that saves you time, money and resources to avoid costly disruptions and upgrades. Our experienced staff are Microsoft certified to address any aspect of your IT infrastructure in a fast, reliable and efficient manner.

Help Desk

Our help desk is made up of trained, knowledgeable and professional experts with years of hands-on experience in diagnosing, troubleshooting and maintaining networks, servers and business applications in real time. We can patch OS systems, monitor performance, detect unauthorized access and activity and coordinate with affiliate networks.

You are guaranteed complete peace of mind in knowing your business data and daily processes are tracked by skilled IT professionals – available 24/7 to take care of any technical difficulties your employees may experience. With our reliable and friendly customer support the integrity of daily operations will never be compromised.

Hosted/Premise VOIP

We deploy advanced VOIP solutions to customers that cover a range of options to serve the specific needs of every business. MIS Technology Group will assess your current IT infrastructure and determine the best hardware architecture for your business and assist with installation and setup. Our team of skilled experts will provide you with the most suitable solution for your office telephone systems to boost productivity and optimize performance.

We provide tailored packages that are feature-rich, fully customizable, user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective – a combination that all businesses rely on for their growth and development.


MIS Technology Group specializes in bringing companies into the 21st century through the deployment of tailored hardware and software solutions that make the most of their available resources. We provide full virtualization for your IT infrastructure for virtual networking and shared data storage as well as desktop virtualization – features that reduce downtime, allow for the fast allocation of resources, are flexible and accommodating to different OS systems and applications, have increased capacity and increase business continuity.

Our VMWare-certified engineers can assess your current business infrastructure and suggest various environment configurations tailored to your hardware specifications. You’ll instantly benefit from improved disaster recovery, data backup and process optimization.